You know, for a while I’ve been considering the possibility of creating a video series talking about the kinds of problems I’ve had as a game master over the years. I’m of the mind that I’ve probably made every mistake a GM can make — some of them multiple times, and it might entertain you and help me get over them.

Going back to the very first campaign I ran, and even some of the failed attempts I’ve had at running games before then, to my time in the RPGA when I was running games alongside some of the meanest, most bloodthirsty GMs I’ve ever known, to some of my experiences as a player and “co-game master.” Kind of like memoirs, I suppose.

You know, I’ve never really felt like I was really good at the whole game master thing, I mean, I’ve been delusional before, but I don’t know that I’m really, well, no, just delusional. I thought about offering workshops at conventions before, doing question-and-answer sessions and advising others on running their campaigns. Delusional.

While I love to write and blog, there are some things that just have to be said, instead. They need my face and my words — rambling though they may be. They need my hands waving around my head frantically, and my growling, robotic, sometimes quite funny-sounding voice. You know, for catharsis or something.

I’m not really looking at big, long videos, I don’t want to do anything that I wouldn’t necessarily sit and watch. Ultimately, I don’t think I’d want to record anything longer than ten, maybe fifteen minutes in length. Just for, I don’t know, sanity’s sake. I have lots of experience behind the screen, and there may be something worth sharing.