I revised a couple of encounters from the Ascalon Academy, and wrote encounters for The Guild Registry. The latter of the revised encounters is what I was working on when I ran into the problem about addressing memberships within the encounter template. I think these work a bit better. “Harried” replaces “Delayed.”

Encounter 3
Armin Saberlin is entertaining a couple of the new recruits with stories from the war. If you wish to stay and listen, you soon find yourself in high spirits, and may regain up to two Health.

Encounter 4
Some shady-looking men are hanging around the Academy, harassing the students and passers-by. If you have a Royalists membership card, they let you by, otherwise, you’re Harried until your next turn.

Here are preliminary encounters for The Guild Registry:

Encounter 1
Baron Egan is calling for heroes to address the local bandit problem. Pass a DEX (+1) check to fight one wandering Royalist.

Encounter 2
“There’s a reward for any who can prove they’ve done their part to keep Ascalon safe,” Baron Egan says. If you have a quest trophy, you may gain one wealth treasure.

Encounter 3
There’s a bounty being offered on bandits and monsters. If you have at least one monster trophy, you may gain one wealth treasure.

Encounter 4
“If you’re always on the lookout for danger, you’re bound to find it everywhere you look,” says Baron Egan. Pass a WIS (-2) check to find the double meaning in his advice. If you do, your spirits are raised and you may regain up to two health.

Encounter 5
You sense a sinister presence haunting your footsteps. If you have a Royalists membership card, you whisper the password and the shadows withdraw. Otherwise, you are Harried until your next turn.

Encounter 6
You’re outside the guild registry when you smell something burning. Then you hear someone yell “Fire!” and you’re quickly surrounded by smoke and shouting. Increase the Dissension level by one!

These encounters, I think, should be indicative of the sorts of encounters yet to come. I haven’t finished an “unstable location” yet, but I imagine it won’t be long before I get one. You can see the differences then, between the two.