I want you all to know that I haven’t forgotten about The Ascalon Horror, it’s merely stalled while I continue to develop some of its systems. The stall came about due to a realization I had regarding the Dissension/Invasion track.

While The Ascalon Horror is intended as a project unto its own, it isn’t without an ulterior motive. The systems and mechanics I design will probably be refined and integrated into the Norvendae project, and I stopped suddenly when I realized the Dissension/Invasion track had greater potential than I originally envisioned for it.

My realization was that Dissension and/or Invasion could be modified to serve as social conditions, which I wrote about in my entry, “Selective Social Conditions.” If properly implemented, I think they could serve as the bridge between “heroic” and “paragon” levels of play, to use the Fourth Edition D&D equivalent.

Initially, you have characters who “trouble shoot” on a local level, helping quell rumors of mischief and defeating monsters threatening the common folk, then taking those concerns with them as they move up to the regional level, where they face threats with a far greater scope. It could be the answer to a lot of questions.

…At the board game level, characters are strongly effected by local politics, which are imposed on them by whichever faction happens to be dominant wherever they happen to be. From there, they decide how to forge their own destinies — but they take with them what they learn in those first few levels throughout their adventuring career.

So, what I’m working on exactly, is what the different social conditions are for each of the faction types I’ve devised — princes, knights, workers, experts, and outlaws — and making sure that each one has a solid foundation that can be built upon for later adventures. It could take me weeks, or I could solve the problem tomorrow. *shrug*