So, this morning I focused on the location encounters in The Ascalon Horror. I’ll admit, I didn’t get very far, but I didn’t work on anything else, so don’t think it was because I got distracted or anything. I was focused, just not very productive. I think I know why, and how to fix it. Every time I’ve balanced my template, I’ve forgotten something.

This time it was the “members only” encounters for the Royalists, the Huntsmen, and the Order. I came back to the problem I was having filling the template with the “iconic” encounters, like quests, wealth, hunting, and so forth, and figured I was still doing something wrong. So, I went right back to my template to see what was missing.

My template. *sigh* This sad thing I’ve been throwing around and blaming for all my ills, doesn’t tell me a whole lot. *extended sigh* I have to refine all of my notes so they’re actually helpful. *exasperated sigh* I need to know exactly what a “monster encounter” means when my notes call for a monster encounter.

No more room for ambiguity.

This is an iterative process. I find a bug, then go back to concept. I try to move forward with my design, find another problem, and go back to concept. Each time, the template gets better, more refined. This time, I realized that in order to fit everything I had, I was going to have to take a risk. “Is the game hard enough on its own.”

I have an entry I’m working on about character advancement, which comes next.