Here’s a look at some of the new location encounters I’m creating for The Ascalon Horror. I’ll continue to add more as I complete them, until I have enough to release a couple full pages. These are from the “Ascalon Academy” location, in the Ascalon City, erm, “neighborhood.” Zone, I suppose. Whatever.

“You look ready for war,” says Armin Saberlin. “Ready as any of us are the first time.” You may spend one monster trophy and pass a WIS (+1) check to prove your worth and gain one quest trophy.

Armin Saberlin offers a strange-looking necklace he found after a recent battle to whomever can disarm him. Pass a DEX (+0) check to gain one monster trophy.

Some students of the academy are showing off their swordplay, and one of them challenges you to demonstrate your skill. If you pass a DEX (-1) check, you gain one wealth treasure.

The Academy has opened its doors to entice young men and women from all over Ascalon. If you join in the merriment and festivities, you may regain up to two Health.

Armin Saberlin entertains a few recruits with stories of the war and you stop to listen. Hours pass, and before you know it, the day is gone and night has fallen. You are delayed.

A group of bold Royalists have launched an attack on Ascalon’s own Academy! The students panic and chaos reigns. Increase the Dissension level by one!

For the most part, stable locations like this one will offer good stuff if you pass a check of some kind. Unstable locations will mostly offer skill checks to prevent all the spooky badness. Well, some of it, anyway. Some stuff will still be unpreventable, to retain some of the game’s sense of inevitability, what with Dissension and Invasion.