Okay, here’s a new version of the player powers, revised to take into account changes in the names of zones and movements of cards.

DEVELOPMENT [Standard, Limited]
Reveal 1, 2, or 3 destiny. If the total value of the revealed destiny is greater than 21, choose +1 destiny and add it to your commons, then exile the remainder.

DIVINATION [Standard, Limited]
Each player may draw +1 lot, then reveal +2 destiny. If you win the drawing, you may reveal an extra +1 destiny.

Commit +1 resource to sponsor target resource. If a player has more than five reserves, they must exhaust reserves until they have five or fewer remaining.

Activate +1 reserve, then compare its value to another target reserve. If your reserve wins, the target’s player must exile destiny equal to the difference.

DEPLETION [Standard]
Activate +1 reserve, and target player must exile +1 resource of greater value. If there are no eligible resources, the player must instead exile +1 destiny.

RESTORATION [Standard, Limited]
Recycle your flux, then end your turn. If one or more cards were exiled during your turn, you may reveal +1 destiny.

Exhaust +1 reserve. The next time target player must exile one or more cards, they may instead choose to exile no cards.

Stake +1 destiny and add its value to target lot, reserve, or revealed destiny. If the target busts, you lose your stake.

I’m sure there’ll be a need to continue working on exact phrasing and terminology, ’cause there’s always room for improvement, but for now I think I have a pretty solid base to build on — I mean, for now. I don’t know if I’ll get to the card-building stage, but I might get to the character-building stage.