With the scout classes now behind us, the classes of the Cups suit are complete, which marks the halfway point in this particular project. Left to finish are the individual classes of the Swords and Coins suits.

Intuition, Perception, and Survival, in the natural state, are represented by mediums, heralds, and trackers, respectively. Concerned primarily with effective communication and implementation, these characters are persistent and pragmatic, and devoted to the success and survival of those who rely on them for support.

Drawing on the power of the primeval state, totemists, rangers, and plagues utilize Intuition, Perception, and Survival to identify, outmaneuver, and eliminate the enemies of life. Through color and light, they confound their opponents’ senses, all the while bolstering the morale of their allies.

The oracle, warden, and scourge are the mystic, scout, and hunter of the elemental state. Protectors of harmony and balance, they tap into the power nodes of the world itself and seek out those who threaten to push the world too far in either direction, limiting even their own numbers committed to this end.

The empyreal state calls prophets, legate, and nemeses to its cause, to hear and spread its message of freedom and justice. They draw their power from those forces in the sky and all around, and as aloof and mysterious as they may seem, are dedicated to embodying the ideals they seek.

Shamans, guides, and daemons are those dedicated to protecting the Veil and directing spirits across it, using powers drawn from the ethereal state. They listen and respond to the murmurings of the Clamor, sorting out the warnings from the background noise. They also interpret disturbances in the Mists.

Sidereal-state psychics, beacons, and lunatics are the emissaries of eternity. Those that may eternal lie, which will outlive even death, conspire to broadcast insane and cryptic warnings to those trapped within the cold, clammy embrace of life. From them, curious or perceptive mortals may learn of what will come to pass.

Representing the spectral state, the diviner, the mentor, and the shadow seek those same things other members of such communities do — success and perpetuity. They learn what they can by observing others from the safety of darkness, avoiding confrontation and devising strategies to implement in their home communities.