Mortals/Beasts, Giants/Golems, Demons, Aliens, and Undead.

No, I’m not talking ninja-pirate-zombie-robots, but we are pretty close to the subject. I’m talking about the basic “creature types” to be found in Norvendae. The Seven States themselves refer to states of magic, not states of life. It’s important to note these creatures all live — it’s the main thing they all have in common.

The details of all the similarities and differences between life states aren’t quite finished, but I can say they aren’t dualistic (possessing of both a mind/body or body/soul) in the traditional sense, since the Seven States makes every creature functionally heptavalent, of composed of up to seven parts.

When we talk about “aliens,” it isn’t difficult to get the little green/grey men picture in your head, but we aren’t necessarily talking about aliens from Outer Space. We’re mostly talking about eldritch abominations, like Nyarlathotep and Cthulhu. In their lesser forms, they’re known as the Fair Folk. Just stew on that one for a while.

Demons aren’t necessarily the brimstone types commonly depicted in apocalyptic literature, but they can be. The main demonic qualities I’ve worked out are those they share with the Fair Folk — that they aren’t restricted to fleshy bodies, and that their minds aren’t protected from the ravages of infinity and can be on the nutty side.

I’ll get to the other in more depth, … later.