Lots of stuff has changed over the last several months, all going on in the background while I’ve continued developing the concepts of states, skills, “classes,” and powers. I haven’t updated class information since December, when I posted “Scouts With Signals.” Scouts have since been stuck in “development hell.”

Heralds are scouts of the natural state, and they are responsible for relaying information from one location to another. Wars happen at the speed of intelligence, and intelligence travels at the speed of couriers.

Scouts of the primeval state are rangers, responsible for guarding borders and keeping out interlopers. Capable of traveling long distances in short order, under a variety of environmental conditions, they are fast, hardy, and sharp.

Elemental-state scouts are called wardens, and like other characters of the elemental state, watch over and maintain the balance of harmony and disorder, discipline and chaos. They are capable of surviving in almost any environment.

Conveying messages from the very Powers That Be, legates are scouts of the empyreal state. They blow the trumpets, carry the banners, and lead the charge. They’re the first on the line, and the last ones to leave when the fighting’s done.

Guides are the scouts of the ethereal state, and are messengers like any other scout. They provide comfort and guidance to those closest to the Veil, whether the one they’re aiding has already crossed over, or if their crossing is imminent.

Sidereal-state scouts are beacons, providing guidance and support to those sailing the Abyssal Seas. They ply the Waters Between Worlds, navigating the treacherous Mists to convey messages from Beyond The Stars.

Scouts of the spectral state are called mentors, in honor of Mentor, friend and adviser to Odysseus, king of Ithaca. Athena took the guise of Mentor to advise Telemachus without alerting unwelcome guests to her presence.