I beat Ratchet & Clank over the weekend. I think that makes this the second, maybe the third time for me — I don’t recall if I beat a “New Game Plus” on my original save, or not. Either way, I think I’ll move on to the next game, I don’t really have the patience to pursue all of the skill points or “gold weapons.”

Saturday afternoon, I acquired the Hologuise gadget and used a trick I read about on GameFAQs to gain about three hundred thousand bolts. If you aren’t familiar with the trick, you need the Boltgrabber, the Hologuise, the Taunter, and some patience. Go to Rilgar, transform into a robot with the Hologuise, then enter the race.

I’ve read different versions of where to position yourself and what to do, but understanding why some of the trick works is important to getting it to work correctly. When you destroy crates on the racetrack, they respawn once you pass them. That’s why you can break them multiple times during a race.

The Taunter allows you to break crates from a distance. The Boltgrabber enables you to acquire bolts from a distance. Ideally, you set yourself up near a large number of crates and use your Taunter and Boltgrabber to destroy boxes that respawn continuously until you have the desired number of bolts.

I ran into a lot of trouble getting this to work the first couple times and had to restart my game to make sure it didn’t save. “Normally,” entering the race under Hologuise causes the other racers to disappear, and you’re free to walk around. However, walking backwards along the track put me back on my hoverboard, ruining the trick.

So, what I did was traverse nearly the entire racetrack on foot so I could reach the enormous stack of crates near the swarms of green amoeba-monsters. When I finally got there, I positioned Ratchet under the crates, equipped the Taunter, and used a rubber band to hold a USB thumb drive in place over the Circle button.

If you’ve done it right, you’ll see that the crates are breaking continuously, and bolts will be flying at you courtesy of the Bolt grabber. You may have to reposition yourself slightly to make sure you’re breaking the most boxes at once, and you may have to walk forward and backward a little to ensure you’re in a place where they respawn.

I’ve read in multiple places that this trick may only be performed once, though I don’t know why this is. Unless the game recognizes some kind of problem or the trick is actually a glitch that saves bad data, corrupting the level or something? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s one of those things that’s just buggy.

Or maybe you can do it more than once. *shrug* I just recommend doing it right the first time. I watched a three-episode series of documentaries of the rise and fall of Athens during the Classical period with cookiemonger. Narrated by Liam Neeson.