It seems like I spend a lot of time thinking about things. I just do, you know? I hit myself with a really hard question the other day, which I was mulling over when I wasn’t ridiculously buried under heaps of work. And that question was, “If players were going to use my system now, what characters would they build?”

As intended, the question threw me into a right state of panic.

It’s literally been years since the last time my system could produce playable characters, and I’m afraid that without my periodic playtesting rounds between iterations, I’m just not sure how entrenched some of my bad ideas might be in the game’s framework. I had to start with really basic stuff, stealing from D&D.

Characters would have basic attacks of some sort. One melee, one ranged. The actual distance their attacks cover is irrelevant, merely whether their basic attacks have melee or ranged keywords. Other powers and abilities will key off those basic attacks, but for the moment, I don’t have much more to offer.

When I got into the right mindset, I realized that characters would also still have six ability scores. I originally sought to replace them with other statistics of some type — and that still might happen — but for now, the six ability scores stand. They’re used to determine how easy attacks are to activate, much like reserves in the card game.

Once we’re past basic attacks and ability scores, the players have a tactical role to choose — any of the harrier, charger, keeper, trapper, or seeker roles. The roles will naturally offer more, once I’ve built their “power trees,” or however I apportion their powers. I’m still not quite sure. I also realized that the Skills offer nothing.

So, generally speaking, the system has no practical playability at this time. Here, I’ve been priding myself about how close I am to completion, and I realize I don’t even have a working prototype. I mean, the card game works, sure, but the character creation process for the roleplaying game is really, really vague.

I figure it’s probably time to fix that.