In the world of Norvendae, every creature living in the world is a descendent of Gaia in one form or another. Every living thing from the gods and the titans, to the lowliest plants and the strange creatures of the Deep. She is the Perfect Mother, loving all equally, as only a personification of Motherhood could.

Gaia desires nothing other than to see all her children free to experience the joys of life. Nothing is beneath her (well, nothing short of imprisonment) in this pursuit, not even pitting them against each other when one slays or imprisons another. Every one of her children feels her Embrace at all times — what we would think of as gravity.

Individuals of power, be they titans, gods, or heroes, feel her Embrace no less, but they are better equipped to resist it. Gaia’s Embrace keeps every one and every thing bound to her, slowly but surely pressing them until they return unto her. Those places farthest from her reach feel the least of her pull.

It is said that those farthest from her do not feel the effects of age and decay, so those dwelling on Olympus will never see the twilight of the Underworld. It is also said that Hades resides there by choice, the eldest brother of the godling generation. He always has Gaia’s whispers in his ear, and rules those held closest in her arms.

Though Gaia shows favoritism toward none, there are those of her children toward whom she is less than sympathetic. First the titans, then the gods of Olympus, who threw their siblings down into Tartarus, have garnered her considerable wrath. She seeks both the release of the titans, and their due punishment.