So, I got on this weird train of thought this morning, that had to do with using creatures from Magic: the Gathering to represent armies in Risk. Let’s say I’m crazy for the time being, but I want to take this train to wherever it’s headed. Creatures will represent armies, but they aren’t placed directly on the map.

Maybe it’s instinct, but I can tell you part of the reason for this is to avoid confusing your creatures with your opponents’ creatures by keeping them off the map itself. By the bye, this affords creatures more mobility when it comes to dealing with threats.

Let’s say your opponent is invading a territory, and you choose to “block” the invaders with your Magic creatures. This would amount to combat as described in Magic, and would enable you to remove the dice-rolling elements of Risk. You imagine a player declares attackers using hordes of 1/1 tokens (represented by armies).

When you place a creature on the “Battlefield,” your special off-board zone for Magic creatures, you would have to sacrifice a number of 1/1 “army tokens” equal to the creature’s Power. These could conceivably be taken from any territories in which you control armies, and the Magic creature would go in the “Battlefield.”

I don’t think players should begin the game with their customary seven cards a la Magic: the Gathering, but instead draw cards as they would normally in Risk (er, for the time being, anyway). If a player conquers at least one territory during their turn, they draw a card, but they only get one, no matter how many they conquer.

As in Magic, damage to creatures accumulates throughout a player’s turn, but “wears off” at the end of their turn. Creatures tap as normal when they attack, and 1/1 “army tokens” should be considered to have the Vigilance creature ability. Unlike Magic, players would have a hypothetically infinite number of Combat phases.

To gain mana, a player must control territories. Here, I’m thinking of bringing in a board from The Settlers of Catan to represent the different mana types, but I haven’t quite figured out how to make them all work. Perhaps armies may only move and attack along Roads, and Settlements are required to gain mana from surrounding terrain.