So, the other night, I got started the gargantuan task of sorting my collection of Magic: the Gathering cards by “block.” When I was single and a chunk of disposable income, I bought several lots of a thousand or so cards.

What I want to do is build block-specific decks to test drive Magic: The Catan Risk, ’cause I think building around blocks will give me the most stability, and stronger thematic, eh, gameplay. You know, graphics and mechanics in accord. The cards from more recent expansions just look and play better together.

So yeah, I pretty much started sorting cards by their copyright date, ’cause I figured that would be the easiest way to get started. Once I have cards sorted by year, I can go back and sort ’em by expansion. When I tried to sort by expansion first, I started to get cross-eyed ’cause I don’t recognize about half of them.

I quickly realized most of my cards are from the Shards of Alara and Zendikar blocks, which quickly outstripped my collection of Mirage/Rath cards when I started picking up lots. I did also pick up a curious number of Ice Age, Alliances, and Homelands, but nothing that really compares. All in all, a nice mix of fresh and familiar.

As of last night, I have all my Blue cards sorted out, and I’m starting on my White cards. I have a feeling there are some more Blue cards lurking about though.