I’d like to direct your attention to Total Diplomacy, an Internet resource for strategy in the board game Risk (and perhaps its many variations). I found the website when I used a search engine to browse for the terms Ends, Means, and Ways used in conjunction to reflect armed conflict and politics. It’s a pretty cool site.

The specific article I located on the site was “Ends, Ways and Means,” which explained the terms precisely as they related to warfare and also linked to an article published by Cambridge University called, “Making Sense of War: Strategy for the 21st Century.” Both are fun reading for anyone interested in the concept of warfare as politics.

Since I’ve been reading about military history and strategy, Chess, and various terms that have cross-pollinated the two, I eventually found a website that covered Risk (which I generally prefer to Chess) and military history. For some reason I now have Sean Connery in my ear, talking about rocks, trees, and birds being his armies.

I love being a nerd.

Obviously, previous statements about the usefulness of a site I’ve found apply here. I haven’t dug through the website in depth, I only read the one article. Maybe you’ll find something more useful here, or maybe it’ll turn out that there was only one good article on the site. I don’t know yet. One day, I’ll have the time to read more.

Happy reading!