I need to run a sanity check on the terminology I’ve selected for my card game because I have to make sure I haven’t made things unnecessarily complicated. There are different names for the zones and the cards that go into them specifically to avoid confusion. Too many terms spoils the system. I just coined that.

So, we have a deck, which we call a player’s destiny. The cards that are in the deck are collectively referred to as a player’s destiny and don’t have a name while there. Rather than referring to a player “drawing cards,” they are said to “reveal destiny.” The reason for this will be made clear in a moment.

In the text document I’m looking at right now, there are three powers that reveal destiny: Development, Divination, and Restoration. As a point of interest, I once considered calling the Divination power “Revelation,” but decided I wanted to refer to the standard draw mechanic as “revelation,” so the main power got a new name.

Destiny is “revealed” to a secondary zone referred to as the commons. The first exception to this rule is of course, the Development power, which exiles developed cards if the player “busts” by revealing “too great a destiny.” In other words, if the cards add up to twenty-one or more, the player keeps one and loses the rest.

Secondary to revelation is a game concept referred to as the “drawing of lots.” Divination (or the power in question) will define who may participate in the drawing. The drawing of lot moves a card from the top of the player’s destiny to another secondary zone, referred to as the flux. We have drawing and revealing.

Now, we’ve only mostly explained two powers (Divination and Development) and it’s already led to the definition of numerous terms. Destiny, the commons, the flux, revelation, drawing, lots, and “busting,” the last of which is really an unofficial term. Drawing even introduces the concept of “winning” and “losing” a drawing of lots.

Using just a basic reading of the two powers…

DEVELOPMENT [Standard, Limited]
Reveal 1, 2, or 3 destiny. If the total value of revealed destiny is greater than 21, choose +1 destiny to add to your commons, then exile the remainder.

DIVINATION [Standard, Limited]
Each player may draw +1 lot, then reveal +2 destiny. If you win the drawing, you may reveal an extra +1 destiny.

…We’re assaulted by choices and math. Development requires us to be able to sum the values of up to three cards, and we have to choose how many cards we want to draw. (You can always play it safe and draw just one…) There’s another term that hasn’t even come up yet, and that’s resources, the term for cards in the commons.

I plan to reevaluate all of the powers, in turn, to see just how necessary the terms I’ve established are, and if I can cut any of them.