It took several days for me to cobble together my “Summary of Cups Classes” post because I realized how little I was actually saying. In the time that elapsed from the beginning of their development to the summary, my view and understanding of the Seven States and the twelve class archetypes changed substantially, to say nothing of the skills those classes are intended to represent.

I’d like to say that my work with the classes is halfway done, but the reality of the situation is probably quite different. Perhaps my naming of the classes is halfway complete, but as for development, I’m really not sure where I am. What the Skills represent and what the classes represent have, as I said, changed.

For that matter, the Suits and what they are supposed to represent has changed. I didn’t have anything resembling a clear picture of what the Suits were supposed to mean in the context of the game — spades/swords, hearts/cups, clubs/wands, and diamonds/coins — but I have some ideas now.

The Suits represent different facets of storytelling (from a predominantly mortal perspective), swords represent strength and conflict, cups represent life and community, wands are for intellect and fellowship, and coins reflect culture and commerce. There is a lot of overlap between them for the sake of continuity.

From there, Skills reflect different expressions of the concepts represented by the Suits. Where the Suits are alike, the Skills quantify their differences. There is still a degree of overlap between the functions of the Skills and their Suit assignment, however not to the same extent that similarities are found between Suits.

Finally, where Suits are like trees with the Skills as their branches, Classes can be likened to fruit. Classes stem from Skills but not every branch bears fruit, and not every fruit is like another. There are differences between trees, branches, and fruits (and we aren’t even to States), and that’s where characters gain their diversity.

All characters share a number of basic characteristics, but no two characters are the same. Two characters may be hunters of the Spectral state, but one appears in the Swords suit and pursues enemies at the behest of his commander while the other appears in Cups and hunts creatures of darkness like himself.

For now, there are more similarities between the Classes, Skills, and States than I would prefer, but as I continue work on this project, there will be more and greater differences, so that ultimately, each character (Class/Skill/State combination) is a unique snowflake, but all are equally accessible to players.