I’ve been working on new condition types for Fourth Edition to replace they existing conditions and make the system more balanced and playable. “Modified Conditions for December” has the latest version of my revised conditions.

For a couple weeks now, I’ve been working on composing an entry about implementing a system superficially similar to the “Moodlets” of The Sims 3, and I’m thinking at this point that such an entry is probably unnecessary. I realized this morning that roleplaying games already have a system like Moodlets, … status effects.

My idea was basically to enable to avoid the effects of negative conditions by accepting “Moodlets.” This morning, when I was searching for the page on Contagion, Ostracism, and the like, I found myself back at December’s conditions page (linked at the top of this entry). That was when I put two and two together.

There are four physical and mental conditions, including Contagion, Dehydration, Exhaustion, and Starvation. If each of these conditions “maxes out,” a character incurs the loss of twelve healing surges (or the equivalent number of hit points). There are twelve conditions, including Bloodied, Wounded, and Helpless.

My thinking is that each time a character incurs one or more stages of any condition, they may accept one or more conditions to avoid the reduction of maximum daily healing surges (or equivalent). Implementing this system enables a player to tailor their character’s condition so they may have “flaws” that suit their character.

So you know, this is all part of an ongoing project from … eh, some time back, where I was developing new systems for Dungeons & Dragons so it could be played “solo.” If you combine this system with the static monster damage system, you can almost, almost play a Fourth Edition game by yourself. We’re getting there.