I started with the Ethereal State because it was the first one that came to mind this morning when I was thinking about how the States could use with an updated definition. In addition to its unique characteristics, Ethereal magic is defined by what it identifies with, what it opposes, and what it seeks to become.

Directly across from the Ethereal State in the Wheel of States, are the Natural and Primeval States — the magic of growth and wonder, respectively. Adjacent are the Sidereal and Empyreal States — magic of the unfathomable depths of the sky and sea, and the divine magic of fire, storms, the gods, and creation.

The four States described above are home to the ambitions and relations of the Ethereal State. Shades of the Underworld and unbound spirits alike desire the life and joy of the Natural and Primeval States, and identify most with the aloof, abstract, and mysterious of the Sidereal and Empyreal States.

Enemies are found in the Spectral and Elemental States — magic of darkness and chaos. Here, creatures of the Aether see what may become of them if they stray too far from their ideals: close to, but forever removed and separate from the light they crave, and destructively opposed to those things they desire most to preserve.

The concept of preservation is inherent to the nature of the Ethereal State, which makes it wholly incompatible (from most outward appearances, anyhow) with the Elemental State, which aims to strike a balance between creation and destruction.

Revolution, which which the Spectral State embodies, pushes the boundaries of, undermines, and diminishes the importance of the very things the Ethereal State defends. They are forever at odds — the old and the new, stasis and change.

Each State influences the others, and is at once separate and distinct. Where the Ethereal State draws inspiration from its fellows and strives to become more complete in those it is most different from, so too do the other six. They struggle together and against one another, and represent the basic forces of the multiverse.