With the previous Suits, I’ve established first the support Class, followed by the offense Class, concluding with the defense Class. Since I already have a lot of work done with the offense-oriented Class in the Coins suit, I’m actually going to start there, instead. Sneaks use Deception, and are offense-oriented.

Deciding how to enable a power like Stealth without incorporating tools necessary for stealth, like cover and concealment, especially considering how this project began life as a modification of D&D, has been difficult to say the least. Suggested by “Revisiting Resources,” Sneaks won’t create opportunities for Stealth, they’ll just exploit them.

So, that means cards you can look forward to include stealth resources, such as “cover of darkness,” “element of surprise,” “an opportune moment,” and so forth. Sneaks will convert those resources into the Stealth power.

Now, I do have a huge list of sneaky characters with this idea of Stealth being a big deal in the game, but I’m not positive if I want Stealth to be the primary point of focus for the Deception Skill. I’ve been going back and forth over what Deception means and how best to represent it in the game and the setting.

Lying is a form of Deception, as are illusions. While I want to portray all Skills in an equally neutral light, and while it’s possible to deceive someone unintentionally by unconsciously or inadvertently providing them with false information, that isn’t what Skills are about. They’re about conscious choice. Intentional deception.

It’s sometimes difficult to separate an action, its consequences, and the implications behind the choice to take an action. No one likes to be deceived however deception may be used to a positive goal. Deception can be used to disguise a weakness to prevent its exploitation, which is neither inherently good nor bad.

Really, even though “Sneak” is a fairly innocuous word, a person described as a sneak is assumed to be false, cowardly, or underhanded — none of which is necessarily true. Really, though it may be simple to describe using falsehoods for an honorable cause, it’s another thing entirely to positively describe a person who does so.

Honestly, “stealth” seems the most neutral way to deceive someone without being a liar and a cheat. If anyone has suggests, I’m open to them.