It’s been a while, so I figured it was time for an update on my progress with The Ascalon Horror. While I was writing encounters for Ascalon locations, I began to realize that I was missing some important information about how the encounters would effect characters. Like, you know, the characters themselves.

I’m not saying I need to build all the characters before I can proceed with writing encounters. It’s just that without much information about the characters, it will be difficult to write encounters toward their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s a basic example: Arkham Horror has two types of “hit points” for characters, Stamina serves as “physical” hit points, while Sanity serves as “mental” hit points. By comparison, The Ascalon Horror will use only Health to represent hit points. Energy serves a different purpose, and is used to pay for effects, rather than being “milled.”

With that in mind, archetypes based on the Guild Wars professions seemed like a good place to start. Starting with Health and Energy and taking into account how the damage reduction of armor effects the “effective” health of the characters. Warriors would have the most, taking into account their armor and health-boosting equipment.

Investigators in Arkham Horror tend to have ten points distributed between Stamina and Sanity: fighters tend to have more Stamina and less Sanity, explorers tend to be average across the board, and scientists and spellcasters tend to have more Sanity and less Stamina. I don’t see a real need to alter that formula.

I picture Warriors and Rangers occupying that “warrior” tier, with Necromancers and Elementalists being more the scientist/spellcaster archetype, and with Mesmers and Monks falling somewhere in the middle. I know now that the Monk absolutely must have exactly five Health and five Energy, as a metagame in-joke.

From there, it’ll take some thought as to what powers to give each profession as their basic level, and then expand from there. Still, having an idea of what characters can do will be helpful to writing the rest of the Ascalon location encounters.