So, we’re talking Health and Energy for The Ascalon Horror. As previously alluded to, compared to Arkham Horror, TAH is quite a bit deadlier, even if we’re just talking short-term recuperation versus long-term dead-edness. This stems from the fact that Arkham Horror utilizes both Stamina and Sanity as health pools.

Heroes in The Ascalon Horror have only Health between themselves and a death penalty and/or resurrection shrine. (Well, assuming DP survives in some form.) I’ve been thinking about how best to apportion Health and Energy among professions, taking into account both their respective armor and powers.

Warriors and Elementalists occupy opposite ends of the Health and Energy spectrum. Using Arkham Horror as a guide for distribution between the two statistics, Warriors will begin play with seven Health, and Elementalists with three. Their Energy will then be three and seven, respectively — again, considering armor and Energy Storage.

Rangers and Necromancers occupy the next “ring” — if you look at the Health/Energy distribution as a series of concentric circles. The Ranger would have six Health and four Energy, and the Necromancer four Health and six Energy. This takes into account the Ranger’s better-than average armor (or average, based on how you look at it).

Monks and Mesmers occupy the “innermost ring,” having both Health and Energy at five and five. If you look at the basic armor stats for the Monk, Mesmer, Elementalist, and Necromancer armor, you can see they all have the same starting values, so the differences here are mostly based on how they play.

As stated above, Elementalists have access to Energy Storage, which enables them to accumulate huge stores of Energy. Necromancers have Soul Reaping, which directly aids Energy management. Monks and Mesmers, by comparison, have Divine Favor and Fast Casting, which are geared toward health restoration and skill interrupts.

So, it should look like this, when you throw it in a table:

Warrior – 7 Health, 3 Energy
Ranger – 6 Health, 4 Energy
Mesmer – 5 Health, 5 Energy
Monk – 5 Health, 5 Energy
Necromancer – 4 Health, 6 Energy
Elementalist – 3 Health, 7 Energy

Later, I’ll get more into depth about their basic powers.