Following “Starting Health and Energy,” I wanted to talk about basic “profession” powers. Ultimately, I want players to be able to create their own characters, choosing professions and powers based on attributes. For that, we’ll need to determine the divisions between professions, and what attributes represent.

Warriors have lots of Health and a goodly amount of damage absorption/reduction. They also have the ability to ignore the damage reduction of foes, to make sure their hits count, and the inclination to grow stronger with each blow they land (or sustain).

Rangers have the power to mix and match energy types and generate resistance to the elemental damage types — fire, cold, earth, and lightning. They’re versatile in their ability to distract and funnel enemies, to disable them, to strike at great distance, and avoid retaliation. Rangers are most often paired with a beast companion.

Mesmers are a tricky sort, creating weaknesses from an opponent’s strengths and punishing them for every little move they make. Though they have the outward appearance of fragility, they wield enormous, if hidden, destructive power. They are the undisputed masters of action manipulation and interruption.

Monks have an ounce of prevention and a pound of cure, since no one specifically told them they couldn’t have both at the same time. Add to the mix a powerful ability to deal destruction to undead creatures (which are abundant in Tyria).

Necromancers treat Health and Energy almost as though they were the same thing, sacrificing Health to power spells, drawing Energy from the deaths of those around them, and using magic to drain the vital force of creatures to replenish their own. Often enough, they utilize the bodies of the fallen to serve as minions.

Elementalists use their magic to manipulate the fundamental forces of nature to overwhelm foes with pure destructive power. They are a veritable font of magic, capable of unleashing incredible storms of raw, elemental pwnage.

So, … how to convert these profession concepts into character powers?