When deciding which characters to use as player companions and which characters to use to represent locations, there are a few that should be off-limits due to a certain amount of plot-sensitivity. First, we have the five characters who travel beyond the edges of Ascalon: Mhenlo, Devona, Aidan, Cynn, and Eve.

While you’re pretty much guaranteed not to gain them as traveling companions in your typical session of The Ascalon Horror, the characters will certainly be making cameo appearances, and really, why shouldn’t they? They’re vibrant characters who appear throughout the Guild Wars saga, and they give the series a sense of continuity.

Now, the other henchmen you can recruit throughout the game, particularly the refugees from Ascalon, should be fair game. Little Thom is a pretty big name, with bits of story attached to him, and I see no reason why he shouldn’t be brought in — Orion has a sister in Ascalon City, who sends you on, “The Wayward Wizard” quest.

Little Thom, Stefan, Reyna, Alesia, Lina, Claude, Dunham, and Orion are all prime candidates for companions. They have names, professions, and quotations to reveal bits of their personality, and some even have quests. They aren’t blank slates, but they also don’t have big stories to overshadow the player characters.

Some other characters play pretty memorable roles in Pre-Searing Ascalon, so if I’m lucky, it will just be a matter of paring down a nice, large list, to keep only the most interesting and flavorful characters. I also want to include the prominent figures of authority, like King Adelbern, Duke Barradin, Duke Gabban, and Lord Darrin.