You know when you think you have a pretty good idea, and then you have an even better one? Sometimes it’s like you have to get ideas in steps, so you’re prepared when the better one comes along. So, Guild Wars has this built-in mechanic that makes so much sense when it comes to a basic victory condition.

I don’t know how I didn’t think of it before, but I have an idea. Probably because I’ve never met the basic requirements for earning the Favor of the Gods. In order to earn the gods’ favor, players across the world must collectively obtain the maximum rank in a qualifying title. Each qualifying title after that extends the favor a few minutes.

Let me point out that this is pretty difficult to do, but I think it’s an objective in the right direction. In order to earn the gods’ favor in The Ascalon Horror, the players have to do … something. My thought is that trophies must be spent at the appropriate shrines in accordance with the characters’ professions. Make an offering to earn some favor.

I’m still shooting for a number around eight. I’m thinking that turning in at least eight trophies to the corresponding shrine should earn the player a win. I think we’re going to assume a single player takes about sixteen rounds to do this. Engage and defeat a wandering monster, then drop off its trophy at the shrine.

Rinse and repeat seven times, and you’ve earned your happy ending.

It’s kind of boring but that’s okay for a basic objective. Let me tell you, closing and sealing six gates in Arkham Horror is a lot of work with all the things going on all the time. When we’re talking about visiting different locations, braving their encounters, and returning to a shrine with the goods, well, it’s going to be fun for someone.

Of course there will be additional win conditions. If you have Prince Rurik as your Guardian for instance, I’m thinking that all you have to do is have all the characters become members of the Ascalonian army (as discussed before). After all, he’s just looking to meet his recruitment quotas. It’s war preparations, to repel the Charr.