Okay, I’ve created a preliminary list of all the non-player characters I want to use, and their associated locations. Other characters, such as Gwen, Pitney, Old Mac, Prince Rurik, Mhenlo, Cynn, Eve, Devona, Aidan, King Adlebern, and Nicholas Sandford (and Professor Yakkington), will appear in a different capacity.

Ascalon City
Ascalon Academy – Armin Saberlin
The Guild Registry – Baron Egan
Merchant Quarter – Namar the Krytan

Green Hills County
Balthazar’s Shrine – Warmaster Grast
(*) Enchanted Quarry – Grazden the Protector
(*) Wooded Hills – Kasha Blackblood

Lakeside County
The Actors’ Stage – Dunham the Enchanter
(*) The Devourer Cave – Fadden Hathorn
Lyssa’s Shrine – Lady Althea

Barradin’s Estate
Barradin Manor – Duke Barradin
(*) The Duke’s Vineyard – Little Thom
Vassal Farmstead – Farrah Cappo

Ashford Abbey – Meerak the Scribe
(*) Pitney’s Field – Lina Esrevni
(*) Skale Grotto – Alesia Baptiste

The Catacombs
(*) Dark Cathedral – Oberan the Reviled
Grenth’s Shrine – Necromancer Munne
(*) Halls of Remembrance – Claude the Cultist

Regent Valley
Melandru’s Shrine – Jarrel the Tamer
(*) South Lake – Ivor Trueshot
(hidden) Secret Garden – n/a

Wizard’s Folly
The Fishing Village – Reyna Sandor
Foible’s Fair – Master Vassar
(*) Wizard Tower – Orion Elek

Fort Ranik
(*) Apple Orchard – Stefan the Warrior
(*) King’s Watch – Benton the Hunter
Serenity Temple – Priestess Rashenna

(*) Denote “unstable” locations.

That means the recruit-able companions include: Grazden (monk), Kasha (necro), Fadden, Little Thom (warrior), Lina (monk), Alesia (monk), Oberan (necro), Claude (necro), Ivor (ranger), Orion (elementalist), Stefan (warrior), and Benton (warrior).

Companions (by profession):
(1) Elementalist – Orion
(0) Mesmer – n/a
(3) Monk – Alesia, Grazden, Lina
(3) Necro – Claude, Kasha, Oberan
(1) Ranger – Ivor
(3) Warrior – Benton, Little Thoma, Stefan
(1) n/a – Fadden

I’m aware there’s an imbalanced distribution of characters across the professions, but that shouldn’t prove to be much of a problem because the companions won’t provide profession-specific advantages. In fact, their profession technically won’t matter in this instance, except possibly as an indication of the type of bonus they might provide.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much.