Recently (technically a few weeks ago at this point), I went over all the cards that come with Arkham Horror, and how they were relevant to gameplay. Common items, Unique items, Spells, Skills, Allies, Blessings/Curses, Retainers, Bank Loans, and Silver Twilight Lodge membership cards.

There are also the “Deputy of Arkham” cards (but only one of each). Expansions added new investigator cards, including new membership types, such as Cult and Sheldon Gang memberships. I’m singling them out ’cause I restructured location encounters around Lodge, Cult, and Gang memberships.

Lodge membership unlocks special encounters at the exclusive Inner Sanctum location in Arkham, while a Cult membership unlocks special encounters at the Unvisited Isle, Woods, and Black Cave locations. Gang membership enables investigators to have crime-related encounters in the street areas.

The Ascalon Horror will differ from Arkham Horror in a lot of ways apart from basic themes (heroic fantasy versus horror). One of the ways they’ll be different is in the volume of pieces and accessories. The equivalent of the investigator cards will be subsumed by character sheets. Characters will be far less random.

Money, equipment, and monster trophies will all be integrated. This actually left me wondering if there would be a place for cards or “additive” elements at all, which is what brought me to the membership cards. I already have ideas for several new organizations exclusive to The Ascalon Horror. The basic game will have four.

Characters of all professions in The Ascalon Horror will be able to join the morally-ambiguous Royalists, the politically-neutral Huntsmen, the enigmatic Order, and of course, the patriotic Ascalon Army. The only other game feature that might require cards would be “Companions” that characters can meet during their travels.

Encounters can be printed via PDF and are rolled for rather than drawn as cards. Right… the Rumor encounter deck. *ponders* I still want to do that, but cards are difficult to make (mostly to print and cut, unless you have a machine). What I might have to do is make a “look up” table for a fifty-two deck of cards.