After giving it some thought, I have an idea of what the basic victory condition should be for The Ascalon Horror. The game is about maintaining order in the nation-state of Ascalon, so presumably any attempts to simply adventure and gain experience levels would be contrary to the point. To advance past the starting areas, the player must enlist in the Ascalonian army. So I thought about it.

Similar to how an investigator may become the Deputy of Arkham, I figured any of the adventurers should be allowed to join the Ascalonian army. I mean, unless they’re somehow a criminal or underage, but how about we cross that bridge when we come to it? I want the requirements to fall in line with those from Arkham Horror.

To become the Deputy of Arkham, an investigator must spend a combination of gate trophies and monster trophies (two of the former or ten toughness of the latter). To match that, I think an adventurer would need to spend the equivalent of two quest trophies (each one of them is worth about two monster trophies).

There is no guaranteed way to acquire a monster trophy in The Ascalon Horror, they require a character to track down and defeat a wandering monster. Quest trophies can be acquired by completing Rumor encounters, which are more reliably attained by visiting locations with Rumor tokens and passing a couple Skill checks.

Under normal circumstances, there is no limit to the number of players who can enlist in the Ascalonian army, unlike Arkham Horror, in which only one investigator may be the Deputy. To win the game, I’m thinking the players must have at least one member of the Ascalon army, and have one quest trophy per player.

In other words, a player working by themselves must earn at least two quest trophies and two monster trophies to win the game. Quest trophies will typically take a minimum of two rounds each to complete, and monster trophies are a bit more variable. Either you randomly encounter a monster, or you engage a wandering monster in their lair.

With a bit of luck, you can win a game in a minimum of six rounds. You have about a two-in-three chance of drawing a monster that gravitates toward a lair. The worst-case scenario has you hunting down your monster trophies in rounds nine and ten.