Last night, I worked out the “location icons” that I want to correspond to the different locations of Ascalon. Unlike Arkham Horror, there are significantly fewer items to share. Arkham Horror has a mix of money, common and unique items, spells, blessings, allies, skills, clues, and stamina and sanity restoration.

The Ascalon Horror has seven main items, by comparison, and they don’t really work the same way. There’s no upper limit to the number of items, allies, and skills you can have in Arkham Horror, but here, a lot of what your character has access to is limited. In fact, to keep things challenging, I’m planning on limiting them some more.

Allies are pretty commonplace in Arkham, if you’re lucky and you know where to look. We’re going to replace “allies” with “companions.” The main difference is that you can only have one companion traveling with you at a time, similar to Pre-Searing Ascalon’s party limit of two. You heard me right, there’s a party limit.

If you read my entry “Trophies and Treasures,” you’ll get the reason why there are only about four “items.” Money and Magic are the treasure, while monster and quest tokens are the trophies. You’ll notice in the locations below, “quest tokens” make no appearances. That’s because you have to complete a quest to get one.

Quests are the “disturbances” I mentioned before. They replace the gate-opening mechanic of Arkham Horror so the characters can have an adventure without leaving the safety and comfort of the Prime Material Plane. Obviously, you can’t get quest tokens except by completing the aforementioned quests.

We’re going to be a little more honest than Arkham Horror, as well. AH offers allies through encounters at unstable locations, but only mentions that tiny fact in the Rulebook, and you have to read it pretty thoroughly to glean that information. TAH is going be a lot more upfront about it — I just wanted to add, “Never fight alone.”

“Hunting” is a new thing. Locations with the “hunting” icon are good places to go when trying to bring down the number of wandering monsters in Ascalon. The encounters there are more likely to result in a combat encounter with one of the creatures in the “Countryside” zone. The Guild Registry is special, it has the “bounty board.”

What follows is the master location icon list.

Ascalon City
Ascalon Academy – companion, trophies
The Guild Registry – hunting, money
Merchant Quarter – magic, money

Green Hills County
Balthazar’s Shrine – blessing, stamina
(*) Enchanted Quarry – companion, magic
(*) Wooded Hills – companion, hunting

Lakeside County
The Actors’ Stage – energy, magic
(*) The Devourer Cave – companion, hunting
Lyssa’s Shrine – blessing, energy

Barradin’s Estate
Barradin Manor – money, stamina
(*) The Duke’s Vineyard – companion, money
Vassal Farmstead – money, trophies

Ashford Abbey – blessing, energy
(*) Pitney’s Field – companion, trophies
(*) Skale Grotto – companion, hunting

The Catacombs
(*) Dark Cathedral – companion, magic
Grenth’s Shrine – blessing, energy
(*) Halls of Remembrance – companion, hunting

Regent Valley
Melandru’s Shrine – blessing, stamina
(*) South Lake – companion, money
(hidden) Secret Garden – n/a

Wizard’s Folly
The Fishing Village – money, trophies
Foible’s Fair – magic, money
(*) Wizard Tower – companion, hunting

Fort Ranik
(*) Apple Orchard – companion, hunting
(*) King’s Watch – companion, trophies
Serenity Temple – blessing, stamina

Locations marked with (*) are “unstable” locations, where quests appear.