I think I was on TV Tropes the other day when I found a link to rules for a “Legacy Game” Challenge in The Sims. The challenge is for The Sims 3 but I think I can follow the spirit of the rules in The Sims 2 without breaking anything. The rules I found are here. In short: play through ten generations on one giant lot.

(I’m modifying the rules slightly for a unique personal challenge.)

Now, to expand on the basic premise of the rules: you are to begin with one Sim, who can be male or female. Obviously, for this to be a challenge, you have to not cheat. So, no codes, no console, no imported objects that give you a significant numerical advantage, nothing. Since I don’t use much custom content, this isn’t difficult.

You are to buy the largest lot possible, which I believe is 5×5. Your starting Sim shouldn’t have a college education, and should only have the normal starting 20,000 Simoleons. That means they’re going to be living in a shack for a while, until they can build up some capital to expand. That’s almost enough of a challenge in and of itself.

You may not extend your Sim’s life. Period.

While you aren’t allowed to use money cheats, you can certainly marry a Sim and move them in — that might well be necessary for the next stage of the challenge if your starting Sim is male. You must produce an heir for your household — an heir must match your starting Sim’s gender and must also be a direct descendent.

No heir (current or previous) may leave the lot. Ever.

You are encouraged to allow your Sims to live out their entire lives on the lot, and if you produce numerous offspring before you succeed in acquiring an heir, to keep as many of the children on the lot as possible, though you certainly don’t need to marry them and move their spouses onto the lot. Sims who move out are “disinherited.”

You are strongly discouraged from abusing the “move Sims in to get money before killing them off or moving them out,” unless you’re taking it on specifically to make the challenge more difficult, say by infesting your house with malevolent spirits. Make sure you have an area set aside for grave markers. You’ll probably need them.

You’re encouraged to achieve each heir’s Lifetime Aspiration, in turn. This isn’t necessary, but as stated, encouraged. It gives the heir a direction and adds a bit to the difficulty. Your Legacy family may own other lots, but may never leave the primary lot, as stated above. Non-heirs may go to college and manage businesses.

If you need a break from the Legacy family, you’re encouraged to avoid all contact with them and to send them away whenever they wander into another lot. Do not invite any heir to another lot. Ever. This is in violation of the “no heir may leave the lot” rule. Remember, these rules are to enhance your Sims experience.

Have fun!