I realized immediately after I posted my previous entry on The Sims 2, that I’d gotten wildly off-topic. I decided to split the post up, and cover different aspects of the game. The previous one turned into a rant about how broken the basic game was, and then turned on Open For Business. It got what it deserved, I promise.

Just to conclude something I forgot to mention before: selling random junk out of the catalog is an easy way to break the Sims 2 economy, and trying to earn money with any kind of business other than that is an exercise in futility. Don’t open a bookstore. Or a restaurant. Or a floral shop. Or a shopping mall. (I’ve tried each of them.)

Now that I think about it though, I’d be interested to see how things change when you have several player-created Sims, replete with skills and hobbies and stuff, perhaps even from the same family, running a business together. No more fussing with NPCs who fail to cultivate even basic Skills or hyper-specific Talent badges.


Okay, so there’s some more content I need to explore in that expansion. Also, after some research, I realized the “Pleasure” Aspiration which I previously thought was the “fun” Aspiration first appeared in Nightlife. I guess that means the original only shipped with four? (Family, Knowledge, Money, and Romance? How disappointing.)

Also, it seems the “Lifetime Aspiration” which I found to be the single most engaging challenge in the game didn’t appear until the FreeTime expansion. I mean, seriously? FreeTime? It took them that long to implement long-term goals for individual Sims? It was the second-to-last expansion for the game! Seriously? Srsly?

Now, the main problem with the existing Aspirations (setting aside the fact that they apparently didn’t matter one wit before FreeTime), is that each Aspiration fits neatly into normal, daily pursuits. Money goes with Career advancement. Knowledge goes with Skill points. Family, Pleasure, and Romance are iterations of “make friends.”

Some overlap between the Aspirations makes sense, and keying them to different parts of a Sim’s life is probably a good idea, but they’re more than a bit redundant in places. I guess they add flavor to a Sim’s Wants and Fears, but that shouldn’t be all they’re for — I guess that’s all they really do in the basic game.

So, I’m thinking I’ll go a little more in-depth on what exactly I think Aspirations should be doing, and how The Sims 2 fails to deliver on its most basic levels. ‘Cause most everyone else is playing The Sims 3 now, right? It’s just me playing The Sims 2?