Continuing from the Sims discussion yesterday,…

Motivating players to perform actions based on the decay of Needs seems to work well. The Needs feel generic enough to meet common understanding, and there are enough that they appear as a challenge rather than an obstacle. The Career paths (and School for kids and teens) present another way to fill the day.

Skills represent one way for the Sims to interact with their environment, particularly the Cooking, Cleaning, and Mechanical skills, which enable Sims to feed themselves better, keep their living space tidy, and keep their appliances in working order. The other skills are a bit more abstract in their application to daily life.

Since lifting objects isn’t necessary for rearranging furniture, Body isn’t called upon in any obvious way, except as an entrance requirement or an unlock for interactions. Creativity can be used to make money through writing or an easel. And musical instruments, … if you can get a handle on how to do it effectively.

Good luck finding useful applications for Charisma and Logic though. I mean, Charisma probably effects all of your Sim’s social interactions. Probably. Logic can be used to make money by discovering planets and stars through a microscope. I get the feeling the developers couldn’t find everyday applications for most of the Skills.

…On a completely separate note, I noticed last night that I completely forgot about another Aspiration — Popularity. Yeah, that one’s pretty redundant. Family, Fortune, Knowledge, Popularity, and Romance being in the initial release, with Pleasure (and Grilled Cheese) being added in Nightlife. Glad I got that sorted out. *snerk*

You know, based on my own life experiences, I think people fall into different groups of Aspirations. Maybe they don’t follow them like the Sims do, but people my age seem to be doing one or two of four, maybe five things — going to church, starting a family, serving in the military, pursuing a college degree, then dating/slacking/partying.

The Sims 2 has, uh, three of those. Family and Knowledge are pretty separate and distinct, while Pleasure, Popularity, and Romance are redundant either with each other and/or with the Family Aspiration. Fortune shouldn’t be an Aspiration so much as a means to an end. “Power” should probably qualify as an Aspiration though.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s reorganize Aspirations slightly: Knowledge, Pleasure, Spiritual. If each Aspiration represented as aspect of the Sim, say in mind, body, and spirit, they could be combined in various ways to create different Lifetime goals. Combine Knowledge and Pleasure for the “Career” Aspiration.

Needs some more thought. *ponders*