So, following my disastrous (but informative) first attempt at the Legacy challenge, I created a new Sim to found my Legacy household. Because I used up most of my creative energy coming up with my first Sim, I decided to give my second Sim a silly name. Strike the earth! America Smith moved into her new home!

…Yeah, I went with America. I’m hoping for some sort of Colbert Bump.

Right. America is Capricorn with the Fortune Aspiration, and she wants to reach the height of the Adventurer Career track. I dig it, especially because I found an opening in the Adventurer Career track on the very first day, by happy chance. I made sure to buy her a bed instead of a couch, because a couch isn’t enough.

…And so far, she’s been steadily advancing through the Adventurer Career path. I used her first Aspiration points to buy a couple Simoleon plants to give her income a boost. Since they require harvesting and watering, I considered them a legitimate way to earn money. I’m not about denying game effects, just game exploits.

I’m having a hard time deciding whether to have her marry a male Sim and move him in, or just, *cough* use him. I think it’ll largely depend on whether I can find a way to build a source of income from home, because America would have to stay home with any children to avoid losing them to the Social Worker. America is exploitative.

Building Skills quickly past a certain point is difficult when a Sim doesn’t have a lot of money to throw around. I’ve noticed America is having trouble increasing her Body skill without access to an expensive treadmill. I have her using a barre, now that both jump rope and yoga have proven to take too long.

Oh, and as an additional challenge, I’m playing every Chance Card. Just ’cause.

As for her developing story, well, … America is still kind of new. I mean, it’s interesting advancing her in the Adventurer Career, but the rest of the time, she’s struggling to build up her Skills. Her Cooking is okay, but I haven’t bought a stove or upgraded her mini-fridge to a full-sized fridge yet. I plan to upgrade her bed, next.

You know what I thought of, though? It would be nice if you could just send your Sim off to a store with a bank account and a budget, and expect them to come home with food and new clothing. They could exercise their “fashion sense,” and there could be Chance Cards, as there are with Careers and School.

It got me thinking about how encounters work in Arkham Horror, and if it could be restructured in such a fashion as to have a “home base” that the players can upgrade and train, and venture from when they have a new mission or quest. It’d be an interesting angle, perhaps something akin to Elder Sign.