Last night, I started my first focused Sims 2 challenge game. Based on the rules outlined in my last post, I created a Sim named Angelica Houston to begin my dynasty. Her reign was incredibly brief and ended in tragedy, forcing me to restart my legacy challenge after less than an hour. But first, a little about her life.

The name requires a little bit of explanation. I played Creatures for the PC back when it came out, and it pretty much began my obsession with life simulation games. During the years I played Creatures, I picked up a number of habits for organizing multitudes of characters, starting with naming generations alphabetically. Hence, Angelica.

Family names have always been difficult for me in The Sims because I mostly don’t care what my characters are called to begin with — and I care even less about their family names. Give me a personality, some quirk or habit, a skill, a talent, a context, any reason to actually care, and then I’ll bother to remember their names.

So, I have all the expansions for The Sims 2, not including Stuff Packs, and cookiemonger has repeatedly expressed interest in the witches/magic system. The name she came up with for the lot/household in her game, “The Witch House,” is awesome enough that I totally ripped off her idea.

Now, Morticia Addams isn’t a witch (apparently some particularly deluded people think she’s a vampire, but that would discount her awesomeness) but she is awesome, and my favorite portrayal of Morticia is by Anjelica Huston, who also played the Lady of the Lake in The Mists of Avalon miniseries. I pay homage to her awesomeness.

Back to the Sim’s life… I started out by giving her a cozy little shack containing little more than a couch to nap on, a toilet, a public shower, and a mini fridge. I figured a couple days at work would give her the funds she needed to fill out the rest of her shack. A quick note to “minimalist” Sims players: a couch is not enough.

While she was able to secure a job in the Legal career track, Angelica couldn’t maintain a healthy weight or get regular sleep. After less than forty hours of gameplay, she succumbed to a combination of starvation and exhaustion, despite numerous preventative measures. To reiterate: a couch is not enough.

I was forced to destroy most of her belongings to bring the property value back under 20,000 Simoleons for the next Legacy attempt, but I kept her grave marker as a reminder to future generations. She’ll be one of the family’s “weird secrets.”