I just had an awesome idea. Somehow, I got on the thought of how Arkham Horror (and The Ascalon Horror, by extension) had twenty-six locations, not including the “hidden” locations, and when you counted the location icons, you got fifty-two. That’s the same number of cards you get in a standard deck of playing cards.

I’ve been thinking about how to replace the Mythos deck in Arkham Horror with a standard four-suit, fifty-two deck of cards, and something I wrote about griefing the Divination Challenge and the Invasion track came floating back to me. Then, I had the idea for a “solitaire” rule in Norvendae, and how it could also be a cooperative game.

You may want to review the Player Powers in their current form.

For the solitaire or cooperative game, you will need a special zone of play, which is a stand-in for the Invasion track. Every time you use the Divination power, or “bust” while using the Development power, when the power has resolved, you place the top card of your Destiny in the “Invasion zone.” (Keep track of which cards are yours.)

When the “Invasion zone” has a number of cards in it greater than, or equal to, thirteen minus the number of players, each card in the Invasion zone is exiled, in turn, and counts as an instance of Depletion against one player. (They can take turns, or one player can volunteer, they can choose to divide the losses however they like.)

Now, in its present state, the game is un-winnable in a solitaire game, because the only victory condition is being the “last man standing.” Once I’ve added card effects that can create alternate victory conditions, players should be able to engage in solitaire and multiplayer games. I have to caution you, I haven’t tested this yet.

It should be possible to play competitive “cooperative” games though, because the victory condition of being the last man standing still applies in games with more than one player. You can be “friendly enemies” and choose your own rules of engagement. Maybe you limit yourselves to the number of Depletions you can perform each round?

I’ll keep plugging away at this in the background, and continue to work on my current project: The Ascalon Horror. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!