Concluding my post from this yesterday morning, I made for myself a Red and Black deck based around vampires and werewolves. Red gave me creature removeal and several hard-hitting creatures, while Black filled in some of the blanks. It, uh, it took me a couple games to get used to the “Transform” power.

One of the things I like about the Transform power is that it gives players a strategic reason to choose *not* to cast spells in their hand, which they might otherwise cast, and to force an opponent to use spells at an inopportune moment to avoid an onslaught from a cadre of Transformed creatures.

It gives Red players a degree of honest-to-goodness control.

Anyway, I built my deck around these cards:

x1 Stromkirk Captain

x3 Kessig Wolf
x1 Ashmouth Hound

x1 Reckless Waif
x1 Hanweir Watchkeep
x1 Instigator Gang

x1 Hellrider
x1 Markov Warlord
x1 Stromkirk Noble

x3 Wrack With Madness
x1 Curse of the Nightly Hunt
x1 Furor of the Bitten

I had about eight Black cards, but they were mostly in support of these. You know, a little direct damage, a little creature removal, a little creature return. These were the cards I won games with, not the black cards I used. In fact, I probably would have been better off going with Green as my secondary color, for what I drew.

My favorite combination was transforming the Hanweir Watchkeep and the Instigator Gang while an opponent only had a handful of defenders (who were often fliers, and often tapped from attacking because I had no flying defense) and playing the Markov Warlord to bypass their remaining defenders and preventing annihilation.