You know, I’m never really sure how I come across in my writing to other people. For instance, I just reviewed Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and I certainly didn’t hate the game, but it might sound like I did to some people. I mean, because I wasn’t glowing about the game. It’s hard to say what’s what when I’m me.

If I don’t like a book, movie, or game, I don’t read, watch, or play it. I start it up, determine whether or not I like it, and then decide whether or not to continue. Unfortunately, this is indistinguishable from something to which I’ve given a lower priority. I don’t read it, watch it, or play it. Instead, I save it for later.

I value my time, and I like to make sure I’m in the right frame of mind for a piece of media when I consume it because I want to enjoy it. If I don’t enjoy it, it feels like a waste of time, so being in the right frame of mind is really important to me. I’ve been unfairly critical a lot of things ’cause I was in the wrong frame of mind.

A literal case of, “It isn’t you, it’s me.”

You don’t always get to choose where, when, or how you consume a piece of media. Sometimes getting into the right frame of mind to enjoy something means letting go of your expectations, but that makes it more difficult to analyze something in the moment. It’s like the difference between “chugging” a drink and savoring it. You’ll burp a lot.

Books and games that I love, I love to read and play. They push all my right buttons. It’s a pleasure. Books and games that I like, I want to see through to the end. Even when they’re frustrating. Books and games that I want to like, I put on hold until I can enjoy them. And I do come back to them. I have a long memory. In a good way.