*Yawn* Okay, so I’m pretty wiped out from work this week. We had a buildup of several large orders that kept us busy from Monday to about midday yesterday. Technically, I have some work that I’m a little bit behind on, but that’s approaching the normal state of things. There’s usually stuff left at the end of the day.

Understandably, as a result, my posting has been a bit slower this week. My subjects ranging quite a bit from, … well, let me look back at this last week. I’ve been talking about The Sims. Right, picking on easy targets. I’ve wanted to get back to work on encounters for The Ascalon Horror. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that this next week.

Not that I think I’ve been wasting my time, of course. The Sims 2 is one of my guilty pleasures, since I really dig its legacy elements. I like the idea of running a couple families and filling an entire neighborhood with their progeny. It’s a goal of mine to move a family into every lot, all grown from one, original character.

(I’m working on expanding my second generation at the moment.)

Coming back to The Sims 2 has also given me a fresh perspective on creating, maintaining, and achieving character-specific goals. It also inadvertently led to a new project I’m working on in collaboration with cookiemonger. We’ll see what I can reveal in the coming weeks. But The Ascalon Horror takes precedence for now.

Once I’ve cleared TAH from my desk, I’ll have a board game under my belt (commercial or not) and I can actually get to work on another project I’ve been sitting on — ideally, that’d be a return to Rumors of War or “To Catch A Goat,” especially because we’re rapidly approaching the second birthday of the former.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! And stuff!