A friend and fellow writer sent me a link to The Periodic Table of Storytelling. If you’re a fan of TVtropes (as you know I am) you should get a kick out of this fun, and well-constructed parody/satire of writing and narrative structure. As with any good parody or satire, the “elements of truth” make it fun.

Just glancing over the table, it looks as though the tropes or organized by popularity, though it would take closer examination for me to figure out exactly how the table was constructed. I like the idea of Conflict being the equivalent of Hydrogen on the table, of course. It’s ubiquitous in storytelling. I wonder if culture plays into the ranking?

While it looks like it’s mostly for fun, there’s probably something to learn by actually taking the time to look over the table and some of the suggested story molecules (like Star Wars, for instance). Keeping things “elementary” could well be a key to creating enjoyable, well-crafted stories. I’m curious to see what else comes of the table.