I want to share a site I found last night called Headless Hollow. If you’re a regular here, then I want to specifically draw your attention to the gaming resources portion of the website. Once you get there, scroll down. And keep scrolling. Just keep on scrolling down. Then you’ll see the reference sheets for Arkham Horror.

You’re more than welcome to keep scrolling down through the resources. I saw what I wanted right away, downloaded some reference sheets, and figured I should link them for good karma. You’ll find reference documents for Civilization, Dungeon Twister, Heroscape, The Settlers of Catan, Smallworld, Talisman… the list goes on and on.

Chances are pretty good, if you like board games (or card games), there’s something (probably several somethings) on Headless Hollow for you. Go ahead and check now. I’ll be waiting for you when you get back. Take your time, I have stuff to keep me busy. When you come back, I’ll have stuff for “The Ascalon Horror” when you get back.