At this moment in time, I’d like to direct your attention over to a blog entry the fantastically-wonderful and also super-shiny cookiemonger posted the other day, “Tips For Plodding Writers.” There are five points that make this post great, but it’s also cleanly written and easily digested. Read it! Read it FOR SCIENCE!

Those points are, in my own words, write, actually write, don’t stop yourself from writing, and don’t hate yourself when you aren’t writing. Savvy readers will note that I only included four points there, so for the fifth point (and the actual tips, since I made these up to entice you), you’ll have to visit her site and read the post for yourself.

When I’m not being a complete waste of space, I will occasionally, and with no small amount of self-aggrandizing, help CM out by proofreading her work (immaculate) and offering her suggestions, directions, and research notes (which she doesn’t actually need, but she humors me). If you aren’t already a regular, I heartily recommend it.

Over and out!