I’d like to direct your attention to a site I stumbled across this afternoon. I was searching for a reference document that listed the Omen cards from Betrayal at House on the Hill, which I expected to be easy to find. I searched for a good thirty minutes. Neither the official site nor Board Game Geek proved helpful.

I decided to take a shot at some fan sites with custom Haunts, and I got lucky with the first one, called Mindflare. It looks like a small personal website with some variant rules and such, but it also includes an extremely helpful reference document that not only includes a list of the Omens, but the Items and Events, and also what each card does.

If you check out the reference document, which I recommend you do, there’s a wealth of other useful tidbits about the probability for certain cards to appear under difference circumstances, and there’s a guide for creating custom Haunts. Information like this is extremely helpful to anyone interested in design.

So, this is a quick shout-out to the owner of Mindflare (and presumed author of the reference document) Jeremy Lennert. The guy’s awesome, give him some love.