I had this cool idea when I was thinking about Aspirations, Wants, and Needs in The Sims. It occurred to me while I was thinking about military- or career-based Aspirations, that Sims might aspire to something “greater” than themselves, Aspirations on local or national level. In other words, a larger “scope.”

That actually got me thinking along the lines of quests or missions on a personal, local, regional, global, planar, and cosmic scope. Revenge, for instance, probably has a personal scope. It’s reactive and emotional in nature. How do you determine scope? What if you’re talking about revenge against an entire organization?

Goals have to “upgrade” at a certain point. Killing a single monster can be motivated by a lot of different things, but the act remains the same. When you talk about clearing out a cave, it’s gone from being a task to a full-on mission or job. When you have to clear an entire region? How about eliminating monsters from the world?

I figured, starting with Aspirations in The Sims gives you a personal perspective. If you want to live life to the fullest, or raise a family, you have a personal goal. If you want to establish a clan, or a dynasty, you’re looking at a local or even a regional goal. Family probably doesn’t extend much beyond that level before it becomes something else.

Power and influence though? That probably goes all the way to the top, but the usage changes. Control the world? Okay, global influence, global scope. You have yourself a nice little empire. Beyond that though, and you’re talking about ascending to the level of a deity, and then probably to an anthropomorphic personification.

Is your character even still recognizable as an individual beyond a certain level? Good question. Deities can be recognized by people, and certain words like Law, Chaos, Justice, and Innocence can exist. I’m sure when you ascend beyond that level, I’m sure “punching out Cthulhu” is on par with shooing a fly off your arm.