My previous entry was long enough, I figured it’d be best to divide it into two separate posts. I want to talk about some of my observations and the reason for some of the changes I made. First of all, I realized that not everyone “gets” the weird rules mash-up I came up with, so I cut some things to make it more playable.

If you wanted to, you could drop Dungeons & Dragons rules from the game entirely and play with just Arkham Horror and The Settlers of Catan. It might not be as flexible or interesting, but I’m sure it could work without too much additional effort to learn game rules. Instead of visiting Other Worlds, you mostly just fight monsters.

Using the Investigators from Arkham Horror, each player may move a number of spaces equal to their Speed during their turn (each turn represented by one day). They engage and defeat monsters using the Combat rules from Arkham Horror. You only move once during your turn, and you can’t move more spaces than your Speed.

Players other than the “active” player may choose to “opt in” to Movement and/or Combat. If they decide to move with the active player, they move their Investigator to whichever space the active player ended their movement. If the active player decides to engage a monster in Combat, any player in the same hex may choose to join in.

When a player decides to join in Combat, the active player gets a +1 bonus to Fight for each extra player. Damage taken during Combat may be distributed among the participating players however they choose, making it in the players’ best interest to work together whenever possible.

The active player may engage as many monsters as they like during their turn, but only one at a time, and only the monsters in their current space. Anyone who participated in Combat may take the monster as a trophy if and when it’s defeated.

Now, if the active player wants to convince one of the “local rulers” (Catan players) to spend Resource Cards toward building new roads and settlements, you’re basically looking at a Will check. Since we’re relying on Arkham Horror and Settlers of Catan, there’s no need to worry about level or anything.

To enter negotiations with a local ruler, the active player must be in a hex that has a corresponding settlement. One success is needed per Resource Card to be spent (two successes for a road, four for a settlement, et cetera). As with Combat, other players may participate, and each extra player adds +1 to the active player’s Will.

Those are some basic amendments to the original rules. I’m mentally and physically exhausted, so they might actually be terrible. I won’t know until I have the opportunity to go over them again later. If there’s a glaring error, feel free to point it out.