Clear back at the tail-end of November, I posted setup instructions for Dungeons of the Catan Horror. Now that I’ve had a couple months to playtest, and to reflect back on them, I want to offer some of my findings, and a revised version of setup instructions. Of course, this replaces the earlier version.

What You’ll Need to Play:
* Arkham Horror (Basic Game)
* Dungeons & Dragons (Core Rules, Fourth Edition)
* The Settlers of Catan (Basic Game)

* Standard 52-deck of playing cards
* The “Week” Deck
* The “Invasion” and “Dissension” Tracks

From Arkham Horror:
* 16 Gate Markers
* 24 Monster Markers (x6 Cultist, x3 Ghost, x3 Ghoul, x1 High Priest, x3 Maniac, x1 Vampire, x2 Warlock, x2 Witch, x3 Zombie)

From Dungeons & Dragons:
* To Be Announced

From The Settlers of Catan:
* All pieces, except as noted: dice (boo!)

Miscellaneous Pieces:
* Combat Skill Challenge rules
* You’ll need to construct your “Week” Deck, either using index cards, markers, or pieces of paper numbered from one to seven, or with names of the days on them. You’ll need seven of them, to indicate the current day of the week.
* You’ll need to construct your “Invasion track,” which is basically just a series of thirteen check boxes, or tokens, or however you want to keep track. You’ll need thirteen.
* You’ll need to construct your “Dissension track,” which is basically just a series of twelve check boxes, or tokens. It’s important to note the difference here, because

To Begin:
1.) Set up the Catan board and assign starting resources as you would for the sample game presented in the The Settlers of Catan manual. If you’re feeling brave or foolish, create your own map and assign starting resources as you would for a game of four.

Mythos Phase
2a.) Shuffle the deck of playing cards (just once at the beginning of the game) and draw the top card. This replaces the “Mythos Phase” of Arkham Horror, and is used to indicate where Gate and Monster Markers are placed on the board.

Open Gate and Spawn Monster
2b.) Starting with the “A” and counting clockwise, there are twelve positions along the outside of the Catan board. When you draw a card with a number between one and twelve, place a Gate and Monster Marker at the position indicated by the card drawn.

2c.) If the card indicates a Gate Marker should be placed on a hex where there are currently no Gate Markers, place a new Gate and Monster Marker there, and advance the Invasion track by one. (The Invasion track replaces the Doom track.)

2d.) Treat Jacks as eleven, Queens as twelve, and Kings as thirteen. Whenever a thirteen is drawn (there are only twelve outer hexes), instead of adding Gate and Monster Markers to the board, add one each to the Invasion and Dissension tracks.

Gate Already Open / Monster Surge
2e.) If there is currently a Gate Marker at the hex indicated by the card, add a new Monster Marker, and instead advance the Dissension track by one. (The Dissension track replaces the Terror level, and this process replaces Monster Surges.)

Assign Resource Cards
2f.) Each Catan “player” is awarded Resource Cards as appropriate for their settlements, with the following changes: when a “one” (or ace) is drawn, each player discards one resource. When a “thirteen” (or king) is drawn, each player draws one Resource Card of their choice. The First Player makes decisions as necessary.

Player Turns
3a.) Choose one person to be the First Player, using whatever method you prefer. They put the first card of the “Week” deck into play, and their turn constitutes the first day of the week. When they complete their turn, the player to their right puts the next card of the Week deck into play, and so forth.

End of the Round
3b.) When the last card of the Week deck has been played, each Catan “player” who currently has enough resources to purchase a Development Card by normal Catan rules (one sheep, one wheat, one ore) does so. The First Player resolves all cards drawn as necessary.

3c.) Return to step 2, drawing the next card of the 52-deck of cards. The person to the right of the current player becomes the new First Player.

This is the setup for, and the order of operations in The Catan Horror.

Please enjoy.