Ugh. Feel kind of gross this afternoon. Hopefully I’ll feel better by this evening, but just in case I don’t, I … well, I don’t have a contingency plan or anything. I’ll just keep feeling gross, I guess. But that won’t stop me from writing about something … at some point … in the future. Or, you know, right now.

First thing in the morning is when I have most of my ideas, I’m sure if I checked my blog for statistics on my word usage, it would turn out that one of the most common words was “morning,” and phrases would be “so, I had this idea…” Anyway, one of the things I was thinking about this morning was how characters fit into a typical world.

Now, I went to all the trouble to narrow down a list of skills, and then assign classes to the skills, and all that good stuff, and part of my world-building process is integrating all of the classes into the core of the game world’s society. Warriors, soldiers, bards, sneaks, hunters, mystics, and such. All of them integral parts of the world.

This morning in fact, I was trying to figure out how much sense it would make to have an Arkham Horror neighborhood devoted to each class. Of course, Arkham Horror has nine neighborhoods and I have twelve classes. But then I had a cool idea. I’ve already established this idea of at least three “built in” organizations.

In my revised encounters for Arkham Horror, I’ve given a fair amount of attention to the Sheldon Gang, the Order of the Silver Twilight, and the Cult of One Thousand. It occurred to me that the three displaced classes could be used as the central theme for a region. They could be the three landed organizations the players can join.

You know you’re in a heavily military-themed region when there are separate, significant organizations for soldiers, marshals, and warriors. When there are places set aside specifically for theaters, spy rings, and guild halls, you know your region is heavily socially- and commercially-oriented. Kind of like that, you know?

How good your character is at blending into that kind of area, well, that’s up to how you build them, how you prefer to challenge yourself, and the like.