This is the two-thousandth post here on Norvendae since we implemented the WordPress / ComicPress feature. That includes all blog entries (1,491) and comic pages (509), and represents about two years’ worth of daily website content updates. I’ve mostly written about board games, video games, card games, and movies, but I also complain about roleplaying, philosophy, and mythology.

The last two years have been pretty kind to me. While I’m no longer updating the webcomic every day (…it’s on extended hiatus), I’ve continued to regularly add content to the comic’s setting, writing vignettes and short stories, and even making significant progress toward a novel (with some more successful than others).

I’ve also completed two major moves (one halfway across the city, the other the rest of the way across the city), fifty thousand words of NaNoWriMo novel (my second win), met the woman of my dreams, and successfully married her (I say successfully partly because I wanted more of the text to be blue, but also because I’m a math nerd).

Posts in this blog contributed to my accumulation of over one million written words, and has doubtless contributed a great deal to my overall growth as a writer. If I’d been keeping up with my comic, this post would probably have occurred a couple months ago, but I still hold on to the hope that I will resume regular updates in the near future.

Recently, I’ve had a great deal of game design success. I broke the barriers between Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, between The Settlers of Catan and Arkham Horror, and I’m working on the ones that separate all four of these games, plus Guild Wars, and a few other games. All of them encouraging successes.

Hopefully, within the next two thousand posts, I’ll have published (at least one) novel, resumed the webcomic, opened a game design studio, and/or published a game (board game, card game, video game, whichever. I’d also be happy joining a studio). Hopefully through updates here, I’ve been able to expand my repertoire.

Here’s to another two thousand posts! *cheers*