You might wonder why I’m talking about Arkham Horror again while I’m working on The Ascalon Horror. Well, last night’s game really opened my eyes to one of the underlying problems in the game I’m basing The Ascalon Horror on — and if I can fix the problem in the original game, I can make my game even better.

So, we’re addressing the problem of Arkham Horror being basically unwinnable in its evolved form. I mean, not basically, just “practically.” There are way too many factors to manage that most “wins” will probably be the results of errors in bookkeeping, hardly a satisfying way to achieve victory in any kind of game.

What we want is a challenge, not blind, stupid luck.

Honestly, that’s wear the Heralds should come into play. Heralds prepare the way for the arrival of the Ancient One, and are a great way to voluntarily increase the difficulty of the game in a predictable sort of way. The King in Yellow makes the game more difficult by adding Blighted Allies, and driving up the Terror level and Doom track.

I realize now that I made a mistake in adding the “terror level bump or persistent effect” into my revised encounters. They should all be “lose an item” or “make a check” against a terror level increase. The Blighted Allies are really complex enough that they deserve the special treatment they get for adding a Herald to the game.

My next revision will take that into account.

It occurred to me that I should also rewrite the Other World encounters. I like the deck I made of cards from all across the expansions, but I think they need to be re-balanced. I’m of the opinion the Other World encounters should generally be more difficult than Arkham encounters, but they need more consistency than the cards give them.

So, … first things first. I need to revise the Arkham location encounters, and then I need to re-balance and then rewrite the Other World location encounters. Probably, once I’ve done that, I get to work revising the Investigators, the Heralds, and the Ancient Ones, in no particular order. (Actually, probably that order exactly.)