I mentioned doing something like this in my previous entry, going through the monsters from Arkham Horror and putting them in order of difficulty. We’re going to assume a couple things for this ranking. First, that Magical Weapons are difficult to come by, which is supported by my experience. I’ve played a whole lot of Arkhah Horror, and I can say with certainty, Magical Weapons are a pain to acquire.

Second, this only takes the basic game into account. The simple reason for is ’cause the basic game is needed to play, and it’s a lot more likely that your average person who plays Arkham Horror has only the basic game to play with — nice and simple. Finally, this won’t count the horror check, ’cause you can’t fight if you go insane.

Resistant to Physical
6 – (-3, 3) Flying Polyp (flies, nightmarish, overwhelming)
6 – (-3, 3) Dhole (resists magic, nightmarish, overwhelming)
6 – (-3, 3) Cthonian (hurts everyone in Arkham)
4 – (-1, 3) Shoggoth (fast, nightmarish)
4 – (-1, 3) Dark Young (nightmarish)
5 – (-3, 2) *Vampire

Immune to Physical
4 – (-2, 2) Formless Spawn
3 – (-1, 2) Hound of Tindalos (moves to nearest player)
3 – (-2, 1) Fire Vampire (flies, ambush)
4 – (-3, 1) *Ghost

Everything Else
6 – (-3, 3) Star Spawn
5 – (-2, 3) Gug (overwhelming)
5 – (-3, 2) Warlock (immune to magic)
4 – (-2, 2) High Priest (immune to magic)
4 – (-3, 1) Witch (resists magic)
4 – (-2, 2) Nightgaunt (flies, deals no damage)
3 – (-2, 1) Dimensional Shambler (lost in time and space)
2 – (+0, 2) Elder Thing
2 – (-1, 1) Ghoul (ambush)
1 – (+0, 1) Mi-go (flies)
1 – (+0, 1) Byakhee (flies)
2 – (-1, 1) *Zombie
0 – (+1, 1) Cultist (powers vary by Ancient One)
0 – (+1, 1) Maniac

I put an asterisk by every undead creature. Being undead is almost always a vulnerability, as there are numerous effects in the game that target undead creatures. For this reason, the Vampire should be considered weaker than the Shoggoth and the Dark Young, because it has a weakness that can be exploited.

In all cases, creatures with Physical Resistance are actually more dangerous than creatures with Physical Immunity. This is because despite getting half your bonuses from Physical Weapons, creatures with resistance to Physical Weapons are tougher and impose larger Combat penalties than those with immunity.

Plus, if you have a magical weapon, creatures with immunity are a push-over. Those monsters with resistance to Physical Weapons are usually still dangerous, even if you’re fighting them with magic. A lot of them are nightmarish or overwhelming, with the sole exception of the Vampire. Just bring your Cross and you’ll be fine.

Finally, creatures with more toughness are harder to fight than those with impressive penalties to Combat checks. Due to the fact that it is less probable that you will get more than one success, it is therefore “more difficult” to defeat a foe that requires more than one success than it is to defeat a foe with a greater Combat penalty.