I realized yesterday afternoon that I never actually uploaded my Personal Story summaries for Arkham Horror. I went to all that trouble and then never posted the file. Well, this post is here to remedy that mistake.

Personal Story Summaries

For a future project, I’d like to revise all the original investigators, eliminate the need for most of the Common and Unique items, the Spells, and all that stuff, and rewrite the Personal Stories (both conditions and consequences) so they’re more modular, consistent, and, … oh, I don’t know, maybe fair? But I’m not going to complain now.

Just to give you a heads-up, these summaries are written mostly to be understood by me. If there’s confusion over how I interpreted the conditions or consequences, I have to recommend reviewing the cards for yourself and deciding on an interpretation. I wrote these to be as understandable as possible in my own kind of shorthand.

For the most part, I use language like “spend” when I indicate the investigator must pay a cost (losses can be reduced or prevented, but expenditures can’t be). I say “gain” whenever an investigator must acquire something above and beyond what they already have, or had when the game began.

I say “get” when I mean something is acquired but can still be lost again. I say “three on terror track,” or “four doom counters” to indicate the point at which an event occurs. When the terror level reaches three, or when you add the fourth doom counter to the doom track, for example.

When you “lose” something, it refers to the event of the loss, while “discard” is an action that you’re directed to do, particularly when you’re told to “discard all money” after you’ve “gained $5.” For the record, there is a typo in Michael McGlen’s story. It should say “discard all your money.” I intentionally made his story easier to fail.

There are some typos throughout the document. I’ll eventually go back and fix them, but not any time soon. I have other stuff to work on — like a resources page for these documents I’ve been creating. Maybe a “house rules” file for Arkham Horror?